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Cricket and India!!!

Amidst the chaos, or the web that has been created by the Cricket World Cup 2011, lives a mind that thinks only cricket, lives a heart that feels only for cricket, lives a being who talks only cricket. As the World Cup encounters reach their final stages, the matches seem to get tense, intense!!

There lives a person who has shutdown all the other activities, but watching cricket, a person who seems to be in a trance, in a different world, in a different era where its only cricket, where God is in a tangible form, Sachin Tendulkar! 

There lives a person who moves out of his office because there is an important encounter lined up. There lives a person who walks out of college bunking classes because he wants to have bits and pieces of pre-match discussions by IIM Ahmedabad pass out, Harsha Bhogle and other cricket legends.

Today, I talk about a nation, which has upstaged themselves to let cricket take the centrestage in their lives. A nation which time and again, has been quoted as best audience of the world.

Today, I talk about a nation, which refuses to be unglued from their television sets even when their team is virtually out of the competition.

Today, I talk about a nation which celebrates the success of other teams when the home team gets knocked out.

Today, I talk about India. Today, I talk about Indians, about every common man who has a corner reserved for the sport, who is ready to let rifts infuse in family but won't hear a word against the cricketing demigods. Today, I talk about every Indian fan who waits for Tendulkar's 100th ton, every Indian fan who has lived to the reputation of being one.

Today, I talk about that lost mind, heart, being and person who has made cricket in this part of the world tense, intense, divine!!

Don't know which sub-continent nation (India/Sri Lanka) takes away the cup but surely, they have taken away hearts, and dealt with heartbeats!! *sigh*


  1. very well written yaar:) :)
    may india also win d wrld cup wid dis match

  2. I'll leave the talk about India, but talk of the unified wish of every Indian who has some interest in cricket.
    We want that golden cup to be painted blue this time :)

    Nice one!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Yes, want that golden cup, as a gift to the man who has made Cricket a fanaticism in India, we want the team to win it for HIM, for Sachin Tendulkar.!!

  4. We did, and how :) For a cricket fan, yesterday was bliss. To know that Sachin 'The God' Tendulkar would retire (not any time soon! :P ) knowing that he was part of the World Cup Champion team is a bliss. Great post!

  5. Thank you.. :)
    Yes, bliss indeed!!
    Sachin Tendulkar, for the warrior he has been for so many years deserved it more than anyone else.
    It is a treat watching him play. I wish he goes on forever and ever :)


  7. Thanks, I am glad you liked it, would be nicer if you could drop in along with your name :)


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