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Krish, Kanika, define meanings!!

Being a small kid, he was not used to hearing wisdom, he used to switch from one thing to the other swiftly.In essence, he was like every other small kid of his age, a normal boy. He would not like the notion of going to school everyday. While writing letters of English alphabets, he would make at least one which would be distorted in form. He would watch cartoons and laugh out loud. Till then, he did not know the technicalities of life, his happiness knew no reasons, his smile was not a slave to some success. Krish, as his parents called him.

Krish only had one friend, a friend with whom he used to go to school everyday, a friend who would come to play with Krish everyday, a friend with whom Krish watched movies beyond count, a friend who would fight yet fall in friendship with Krish, time and again. Kanika, Krish's only friend.

Being 7 years old, there wasn't much that they had to think about. Their relentless search for pursuit of happiness was limited to a lost toy. Their perseverance and tenacious efforts were limited only to finding a way out when they broke something. Clinched fists were the only expressions of anger.

Ever since their existence on planet, they only knew each other when they heard of friendship. They unknowingly considered falling in friendship, better. They would watch movies together, they would go to market together with parents, they would go to fairs. They would fight bitterly, would not talk, yet peep from the window to see if the other was sad. They would enjoy the rain spilling water, and they would crawl in the mud and share the scold, Together!!!!

One day, when Krish and Kanika were intensely involved in a video game, came a news, Kanika's father got posted in a different city, and she had to move away, Forever!!
They separated there after, their everyday meetings gradually came to halt, their was no one to watch movies, play video games and enjoy rain with them. 
A heart break?
Rule of Life?
Past and Parcel of a journey?

Whatever it was, Krish and Kanika defied it all, All!!
Though they lost touch, yet they would call each other once in a while and explain all that they experienced and underwent. When their hearts became full, they still found solace in the long lasting friend. They would keep e-mailing each other. They never asked about the well being of each other, they always knew how the other one was. They were, perhaps, connected by heart.

They learnt Life, the hard way, and chose to not get bogged down by it. They stood out and spread a few very important messages, which if incorporated in life makes it no less than a paradise.

1. If kids can give a befitting reply to circumstances, then, we all can!!
2. Enough of falling in love, this time, Fall in friendship!!
3. Live life, the easier way, Krish and Kanika's way!!
4. Define meanings yourself, Life's easy!!


  1. i luv dis post..my favorite...n yess d most bful relation in dis wrld is frnshp..n agn..really bful post yar

  2. thank you nidhi..
    Fall in friendship :)

  3. nice story
    happened with me many times
    my dad got posted out or my friends dad

  4. Thank you chirag, glad to see your comment :)

  5. That is a brilliant concept and a very true one too. Friendship is something that can be treasured for lives, it doesn't necessarily have to translate into a love story.

    Nice one Animesh.

  6. Yes, absolutely. It takes one to know one :)

  7. with each new post....u r defining new limits!!! well done :D :D

  8. Cute kids. Lovely story. Brilliant post.

  9. Thanks a lot, this story is really very very close to my heart!
    Krish and Kanika, I really love them, they exist, in my world, they do :)

  10. First time here sir ! Wow what a very inspiring story..i have learned something ! Falling in friendship , better apply this !

  11. The innocence in this kind of friendship is what we should all strive to replicate in our own lives:)
    Cute post!

  12. @Angel: Welcome to penning down the mind, Angel :) Falling in friendship indeed is an amazing concept and feeling!

    @Priyanka: Absolutely :)


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