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versatility?? was it??

Years have passed since then, and I also have grown up and matured. I now better understand things and phenomenon. They, my classmates, my friends used to compliment me then. Now I understand, in  a broader sense, those were not compliments. Though, they used to tell me what they perceived then. After all, they weren't very mature either.  
I would be studying, and suddenly would walk up and move to the park in front of my place and go out to play. No rhyme, no reason.
I would be watching TV, and the very next moment wouldn't like pursuing the same course of action. I would be preparing for my Science exam, and would leave that to do Math problems.
No rhyme, no reason.
Different I was, or as they said. 
Quite often, I did things without rhyme, I did them because I felt like doing them, without allowing my conscience to come into picture. I did them just because by heart I was attracted to them. I did not care if they were right or wrong, I did not bother even afterwards.
I believe all of us take certain decisions which are beyond the boundaries of interrogation of our own. Quite clearly, these decisions or actions form a very small part of our lives, otherwise, we would not have taken so many such decisions.
In school, I would often receive pleasing compliments.Some would call me a multitasker, some would call me versatile. All because I would do things which were beyond the bounds of sanity yet not insane. All because I would do things that involved no sense of right and wrong, yet didn't appear wrong.
As the tide of time whirled the pages of book of my life, I realized that I was far away from versatility, far away from multitasking. I have been living in a misconception for quite a while now. And as I realized this, I wished had it not happened. I wished to be immature, to be still learning to walk. I wished if I were a kid, still.
But now I do realize, that this is bygone, and

I am not versatile, I am just volatile......


  1. "I did them because I felt like doing them"..... :)

  2. "I did them just because by heart I was attracted to them"..... :)

  3. Not everyone would appreciate you for what you want to be appreciated for. And the ones who always praise you and call you versatile, well, they are lying if they never found faults and failed to give an honest opinion. Its good that you now know what they did back then.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Yes, but what they did, was what they perceived. As I said, they weren't mature either to interpret things with subtlety.


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