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Avoid yaar!!!

Life, a journey, an experience, a teacher, a guide and much more which is beyond the boundaries of explanation. If we take a look at life closely, we surely are gonna find things which we generally don't notice. As we progress in our journey, we get to learn a lot of things, we hold on to some of them. Equally important is letting go of things. There are certain things which are better if left undisclosed, unknown, certain course of action is better is not chosen. Avoiding is as important as the lack of it.

  • You might have fought with your mother for no reason, just wonder how important it was, or could letting the issue subside by itself have helped avoiding the ruckus?
  • The other day, you and your best friend had a fight due to which you spilled out your anger/frustration on your younger brother who waited all day long for you to come back from college so that the two of you could have a chat, could a more sensible decision from your side have helped?
  • Because of being on the receiving end of a mouthful from your boss, you lost your temper on your wife who had somehow kept a fast all day long just for your sake, could a theory of controlled avoidance have helped?
  • India did not win the cricket match even after valiant efforts from Sachin Tendulkar, all because some XYZ player made a mess in the end and India lost an all important match, and out of frustration you cancelled a plan with your friends, worth it? something else might have helped, some theory?
These are a few handpicked from our daily lives which reflect the need for controlled avoidance of issues, I use the word controlled because it is not about all the issues, but a few of them which can make life what it is, Easy!!

Though, by muscling our grey cells, we often notice minute details about our life, but rarely are we able to analyze this deep, rather, rarely do we get the time to do so.
But now that we know it, we should now approach situations in a more rational and unconventional manner. Experience and live the mystique of life, the theory of controlled avoidance  


  1. lovely post..especially the instances..these are so common and true nut the way u hav jotted down is really well
    very nice :)

  2. Yes, the trivia of daily life on which we ponder upon, but don't realize that all this can be avoided, avoidance is the new keyword!!
    Thanks :)

  3. Only when we sit down to intricately analyse what actually we have done, we'll realize we have always been running short of time.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. True, indeed!!
    I guess a fast paced life has got imbibed in the age we live today.!


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