A world waiting to be explored

It was Love at First sight

From where I see, I see it as a case of love of first sight and I know it is so much the same if I choose to see it from where you are. All these years, you have stood with me through times thick and thin, sun and moon.

I know what I was, what I have been these years. More than that, I now realize what you were and what you have been, all these years. I struggled, cried, messed and wanted to so much flee away from all the complexities. And then there was this soothing presence of yours, which taught me all the important lessons of life. There was this love which helped me come out of all the troubles, enduring the pains and bearing the sufferings, sometimes.

I remember fearing dark, I remember fearing those nights
I remember that festival, I remember flying of kites
I remember the morning sun so bright, I remember the shade you provided in such "plight"
I remember the early days, I remember the love at first sight......

Yes, since then, times have changed, so have circumstances, so have people around us, but what has not changed is your love for me, which has been so pure, so true and yet so unconditional. 
I shouted at you, disgusted you, hurled bitter words at you, but what you gave in return was affection, goodwill and love.

I never expressed myself

Was never able to



I have so much to say, so much to blurt it but for today it is just.....
Happy Birthday Mummy.....

I know you are a lil upset with me, I know, Don't be....

 I love you!!!!


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