A world waiting to be explored

A conversation with The Almighty

He found something unusual in everything around him, an uncanniness in the ambience, the air seemed to soothe the senses, but,..... No, he was perplexed, he tried to decipher as to where he was. He searched for people, couldn't find any!
Despite of the mental stress that was continually growing, he wasn't feeling the heat, no, he wasn't. Bliss in the air!
Something had happened, he wasn't sure what.
And then he saw a heavenly figure, a figure he always saw in movies as a disguise for God.
"Am I dead?", said Rohan.

Yes, he saw God, he was in heaven, yes, he was dead!!!
He looked down, slowly, he was hovering in the air. He wanted to cry, but couldn't. He wanted to cry, but couldn't. His mind was, time and again, getting back to the work undone, to the work left unfinished on Earth.

It was high time that his senses be placated. God walked up to him and asked, "Regrets?"

Rohan: No, but please let me cry once.
God: Why do you want to cry?

Rohan: Because throughout my life, I have been driven by emotions, Everything I did, everything I pursued. And now when I see myself, I feel helpless but cannot cry, I feel dejected but cannot weep.
God: It's because you are in Heaven, in a paradise, where you need not think about what went by. You just need to celebrate your good deeds.

Rohan: But what about the people who were dependent on me, what about the circumstances that were held stable because I was there, what about the vacuum that has got created in lives of those for whom I had become a habit.
God: Time heals everything. You were there because you were needed to be. Now, when your part has been played by you, it is time that you relax and enjoy here.

I know there is a mother who is weeping, I know there is a father who is trying hard to control his tears, I know there are so many people who are raining tears downstairs, but I know there is someone to fill the vacuum created by your demise, I know there is someone who will fit in the circumstances and bring to equilibrium providing stability to all the turbulence caused. That someone was chosen by you when you were alive.
Yes, the angel you chose. She will fit in there, in your place, everywhere.
If you want me to let your eyes unblock the route for your tears, then I'll have to do the same for her as well, because even she hasn't fallen a tear since your departure. And to add to this, she doesn't even have a soothing ambience to calm her down.

On hearing this, the prick in the heart increased before finally resting down. He smiled thinking about her, his angel, and though it was difficult, but he smiled thinking that a person replacing him (downstairs) will be replicating his emotions (upstairs). 
Yes, he smiled!!


  1. i appreciate the ease with which you write..each and every article is different in its own way
    n indeed i like this one as well....

  2. Respect!!!
    some of the lines are so deep....
    I'm so proud of you.

  3. Nidhi: Since you have read all of them and seen the change/variation, I look forward to your comments :)

    Shivam: I feel proud to have given you reasons to feel proud :)

  4. I like the way you wrote. Everything was catchy.

    Please re-read the post some of the words are repeated twice.

  5. Prateek- Thank you for your time... :)

    At some places, I repeated the phrases intentionally, eg: "He wanted to cry, but couldn't. He wanted to cry, but couldn't"

    But, a heartfelt thanx for your words.. :)

  6. Ashes: Thanx buddy, glad to hear from you after a long time...

  7. yr I just want to bow my head in respect for this article, I have read and written many, but somehow i just am in awe when ever i read this, and to tell u the truth i have read this quite a few times!!

  8. @Roll no.13: Thank you so much, this really is a big thing, I have waited long to get your feedback, and to make you read my posts!! :)


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