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A Rainbow With 10 Colors

As I wake up from a much needed sleep, I seem to have woken up in a trance, in a state which is so heavenly. The disarray in otherwise-so-cruel life is seemingly not affecting me and a thought is harking back to me time and again. Everyone on this earth is gifted, with talent, with skills and more importantly with people, with friends.

Ones with whom you can be with, with whom even silence is sometimes so comforting. They make you smile by just walking with you a few miles. With them, you don't think about the time spent, but the hours lived.

As I sit and decide to pen down my feelings, I can almost recreate the picturesque paradise in front of my eyes. I can feel the magic of those 9 people, the ones who were with me for the past 5 days, who made a little holiday appear like a long lovely break.

Today when I close my eyes, I see a train compartment, I see 10 people being all awake throughout, I hear the giggles, I hear the laughter, I see people getting irritated because of them, and yes, I see the 10 of them together!!

Today when I push the door of my room, I see hallucinations of a hotel room, with a TV playing IPL cricket match, and I see 10 people enjoying the bet 2 of them had amongst themselves. I hear the scream, I see a bond, and I feel the togetherness!!

Today when I stand in my balcony and look outside at the park, I see caves, I see structures, I see cotton candies, I see chips and wafers, I see 10 people.

When I open the door of any car, I am illusioned by 10 people already sitting in there who are so involved in themselves that they tend to forget everything else, they forget the world.

Today when I see table tennis equipements, I always see some 6-7 people around it, and knowing it to be an illusion, I can't resist moving my eyes and mind away from that picture.

Today when I stand at the top of a building, I feel myself being in a trolley on a rope way, I see 10 people being instructed for discipline, I always see a lake when looking down from a building.

I see those 10 people make everything seem so beautiful, I see nature at its best, I see waterfalls, I see twilight, I see the late night walks in dark nights, I see the window shopping.

Yes, I know the time has passed and cannot be relived, but people who made it, who made the memories are very much with me, very close to me, so close that they are a part of me. 

This post is for the 9 of you. Yes, we form a rainbow. A Rainbow With 10 Colors.


  1. Varun: Thank you so much, felt so nice to see your comment :)

    Hey Nidhi, thanx yaar!!

  2. The hang of the journey and the thrills and frills of holiday haven't passed yet, hmm... :D

    Nice, friends make this world a much better place. Much better.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @Blasphemous: That is why they are there. To make our lives vibrant, colorful, worthy and what not.

    And as for the holiday, hangover is still there :D


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