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Part 6: The subsequent morning

Part 6 in this series is the onset for a lot of further twists and turns. Here are the links to the previous parts. Go through them to get a feel of what all has been happening till now.

Part 1: Darkness: Unseen or foreseen?
Part 2: Rush of emotions, untold
Part 3: The e-mail that coupled lives
Part 4: Commitment that betrayed
Part 5: Danger unknown, Yet


That night was unquestionably the darkest night of his life. He sat there frozen, wanting to move but too scared to act. The night was dying and so was he, from inside. With the intrusion of sun rays into the office, the visibility increased, and Sameer at once hopped on to reach to his cellphone. 5 a.m it was. he had spent the entire day in the office working.

Wait, he heard something, footsteps!
Someone was there, who?
Sameer's heart skipped a beat. He hid beneath his table and tried looking from there. Kenny it was!

Sameer felt relieved and thought that he would tell Kenny everything he read last night. He got up and called out to him.

Good Morning Kenny, how come you are so early here?

Hey Sam, what the hell are you doing, did you spend the entire night here?

(Sameer soon realized that Kenny has no idea about what all Sameer knows. Owing to his presence of mind, he knew what to do, his body language suddenly changed, though that change only Sameer himself could feel. He replied confidently)

Yeah man, had to, a lot of work pending for our project. Well, I am happy its in the final stages, hopefully we get over with it soon.

Yes, it has drained us. *laughs*

Kenny, I need to talk to you and Shireen about something really important.

What exactly?

Let her also come, will tell both of you together, it's something about the project.
In the meantime, I'll get back from home in 6 hours, catch you then.

Sure, bye Sam!

Bye Kenny.

As Sameer left for home, various thoughts confronted him. The place which he thought of as a second home and the people who were a second family for him, suddenly started appearing very hostile. He did not want to come back to that place as he moved out of the building, but he was mature enough to realize that he was caught in a trap which was drowning him in, by each passing second.

He knew he need not fear as long as every one is unaware of the fact that he has a sneak peak into a precariously set up disaster. If circumstances and destiny could be personified, they could have easily told that they changed a person, his thinking in span of a night. Thoughts were engulfing the young lad into themselves, Sameer was mentally arrested.

He had thought of calling Rahul, but as they say sometimes it is only between you and God. As self-indulgent as one could be, Sameer kept walking and fighting the thought "Why me?" with God. Those moments, they were only between him and God.

to be continued.......

next chapter -> Part 7: The night not dreamed of


  1. I will do it, I have the next part with me, just that did not want to release them together.

  2. Soon brother :)
    Mystique is the spice of life...

  3. Okiee.... So where is this story going!!? :)

  4. Nice! There is a step-brother involved.. I dint see that twist coming! :)
    Anyway am following you now... so that ill stay up-to-date on the story!

  5. Yup, thanks!
    Wrote the 7th part as well, hope you enjoy that :)

  6. I am not able to predict at all.. "why me?".. On to next..

    Someone is Special

  7. I love it when my readers point out a line or a phrase form my writes. Just goes on to show the beauty of the line/phrase and also the fact that how attentively you have gone through the post :)


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