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Part 3: The e-mail that coupled lives

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"How do you intend to do this, Rahul?"

"I am coming near your place, you come to your terrace, we will move further from there. Uncle and Aunty might have slept by now, and by the time they wake up, you will be back, its just a matter of 4 hours, perhaps even less. What say?"

"Text me when you reach the terrace."

"I won't, I'll help you get down from there through the adjoining tree"


"Yes Isha!"

"Are you mad, is this possible?"

"I am reaching there, make it quick. See you there."

They disconnect the call.


Sameer was dazzled by what he had read. He was going through mixed emotions, did not know what to do. By the time he ended it, he was dying for water, dying for breath. He was too scared, or may be too shocked to say anything, not even too himself. 

Sameer, by virtue of his hacking skills had hacked into Rajiv's account. Rajiv, the manager of the company. Rajiv's mailbox was right there, open in front of Sameer. He had all the access in the world. 

There is a time in our lives when the evil side of our mind dominates profoundly over the good moral side. Sameer was getting attracted time and again to reading those mails. One of the mails whose subject line read as Re: Important!! prompted him. Sameer drew closer to the mail.

Re: Important!!

Since you have made a commitment earlier, you can't back out now. After repeated telephonic and video conferences, a consensus was reached. We want it to be finalized as soon as possible. If we come to know that you are planning to act cleverly, you will not find yourself in the best of health and happiness. There are people in your company who are my eyes, keeping a close watch on you. This deal stands at Rs. 20 crores now. You sell your company, and that space is ours. We don't care about your employees. It's just a bit too late for any negotiations and refusal. And you better not tell about this to anyone, and mind one thing. Even walls have ears.

Sameer looked around to see if there was anyone tracking him. No one was there. He thought of telling Rahul. But wait, where was his phone. He had switched it off, and then forgot where he had kept it. It was too dark, and only the light of the screen was there, whose brightness Sameer reduced to the minimum. He was scared to switch on the lights, as he now knew that there are people in the office who might just want to get Sameer off it.

to be continued.....

the next part -> Part 4: Commitment that betrayed


  1. Intriguing plot. Now I am wondering if Sameer is the good guy or the bad guy.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Thanks, and about Sameer, I can only say, You'll get to know about it pretty soon :)

  3. The mystery lights up and deepens at the same time. Wow, you are great at narration.
    Waiting for part 4.

  4. Thank you so much :)
    will try to live up to the expectations level :)

  5. Intriguing.. Waiting for the next..

    Someone is Special

  6. Like two of the above comments said, post indeed is intriguing.

  7. Thank you Prateek, I hope to make this story live over a few posts keeping the same level of writing. Hoping that I succeed :)

  8. read all the three parts together!
    what a treat!

  9. Thanks little boxes, a delight to see that comment!

  10. Hey bud, after a long time I visited my old blog and read your comments. Thank you so much and I hope you read all the 26 chapters... Do let me know your feedback...

    Someone is Special

  11. Hey Hi, ohh yes, I was reading them the other night, will go and read the remaining and let you know, till the time I read, it was fascinating :)

  12. Looking great...again, you write really well:)

  13. Awesome narration, makes me wanna read further..


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