A world waiting to be explored

Part 1: Darkness: unseen, or foreseen?

It was going to be critical, he knew it. He felt like taking the risk. For some reason, he, for the first time was listening to his heart than his mind. 4 hours was the time span he had to do it in.


Sameer works in a large multinational company. The company is basically a software company, and owing to his avid interest in software, and hacking particularly, he loved working there. One night, it got a bit too late for him to depart as his home was far away from the office. So, Sameer decided to stay back till morning in the office, and leave in the morning. He was done with the assignment he was provided with.

Over the years, Sameer learnt a lot about hacking, and its advantages, and was too keen to practically witness his learning. He got started with his stuff. 

His eagerness, and excitement grew in direct proportion to the darkness of the night. He did not realize when his willingness was turning evil.

Back to the present

4 hours were counting down on him. He was tensed, he knew Sameer wasn't wrong intentionally, or he still isn't, for that matter. But the matter had become far too severe and critical now. Tensed like he never had been, he thought of calling Isha, one whom he used to fall back to always.

He took out his cellphone, dialled Isha's number. He disconnected, perhaps, before it could even connect. He was panicking. He dialled again.

"Hey Isha!!"

"Where have you been, idiot, I have been trying your number for long now, you don't bother to call back?", Isha said, unaware of all the happenings.

Rahul paused for a while. Isha, being too close a friend sensed the silence.

"Rahul, what happened?"

"It's serious. It really is."

to be continued..........


  1. I'll try to get the second part done soon :)

  2. waiting for the 2nd part now.. why parts? do it one naa .. plzzz.... ;-)

  3. :) I'll write it soon, thanx for the encouragement buddy.

  4. Intruiging indeed. No wonder I too like the dark side, it's allring, and yepp, Power is intoxicating.

    Go on, I am waiting.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. That is a great deal of encouragement, like a pat on the back to carry forward. Thank you

  6. great post. Waiting eagerly for what comes next. :)

  7. Thanks jojofeelings :)
    Well, the next one has been scripted, hope you enjoy that :)

  8. Isha, the name I love to use in most of my stories.. So I'm here and now on to second part..

    Someone is Special

  9. Well... I think, its a day of interesting stories for me.. Just finished one.. and now into another..

  10. Nice. Am doing something somewhat similar over at my blog... :)

  11. First, let me apologize, as I always wanted to read this post in free time and with my busy schedule, it never comes...So, today I vowed to read this sequel...

  12. I hope your vow and your time do not go in vain :)

  13. Not at all Animesh, you are weaving a very nice story. Quite happening!!!

  14. And forgot to say I love the title of each part!

  15. @Saru: That's so sweet of you to say :)
    And yes, thanks for acknowledging the titles of the posts, a lot of effort does go into that :)


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