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Part 2: Rush of emotions, untold

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"It's about Sameer, Isha."

"What happened to him? Is he ok?"


Sameer switched off his cellphone. For some reasons he wanted solitude for the night in action. He was amazed by the amount of knowledge he had unknowingly developed in this field. Though he was always passionate about it but never pursued it to this extent.

May be the effect of the night, or an evil intent in a vacant mind, whatever it was, it surely wasn't worth digging any further. He was dismissing every thought which told him to behave in a sane manner. Probably, he had lost it, his conscience.

His computer screen was yielding to his wishes, it appeared. And then it happened. His eyes were wide open. He was taken aback by what he was witnessing.

He read it, and via the hyperlinks in the text, he excavated more and more into the matter. It was all happening too fast. He did not realize perhaps, he was sweating, he was perplexed by what he saw, dazzled by what he read.

Back to the present

"Yes, he is. I mean no", he thought. Perhaps, too scared, or too cautious to say anything. He feared being overheard. 

"Rahul, are you there???"

"Yes. Isha, by any means, can you come here? I know its ridiculous to ask this from you, but...."

"Rahul, calm down dear. 
At this time, Ma and Pa will surely not allow me. What will I say?"

"We can do one thing."

"Rahul, are you serious??"

"Yes, we will have to do it. Please."

to be continued.......

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  1. Interesting, go on go on, bring the main plot in, what is he upto :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. @animesh: yesss, m also excited to read wat next

  3. @Blasphemous Aesthete, Nidhi: Thank you both, will do that soon :)

  4. very interesting.. waiting for more... ( four hours anything can happen right)

    Someone is Special

  5. Yes, critical four hours!
    I'll write the next part soon, thank you :)

  6. Wait again... oh!
    Anyway, where is this headed, am anxious to know.

    Very well written and a great mystery developed. :)

  7. You'll get to read the next part very soon, may be by today itself :)

  8. Is it? Go on, I hope I don't disappoint you :)

  9. Quite interesting and you write so nicely:)

  10. Thank you so much Saru, delighted to see that comment, really :)


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