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What being Free meant for her..

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Her eyes broadened on watching that banner that read 1 on 1 free. The time was there again when the off season sale and discounts were round the corner, on nearly every shop, and even the best brands were offering so much. Kriti, a fond lover of shopping, was extremely delighted to see that. Her wardrobe collection was so large that her almirah now failed to contain her materialistic wishes anymore.

Free as a bird, as she was often quoted by her friends, she did not bother about anything when it came to following her heart. She came running to her home to pick up her wallet and grab some money to catch up with the best offer in the town.

Mom, I am going to the market, 1 on 1 free offer. I'll be back in an hour or so. Don't wait for me, have your lunch, bye.....

Wait, Kriti, Kritiiii...

But Kriti was so euphoric that she almost forgot everything else. She had been like that only, flying in the air with her tunes playing in the background for her, that is how she was. She used to live life, the way it should be lived. Kriti, a topper from her school days, used to top in university exams as well, but she wasn't one of the kind who would sport heavy specs and be buried into books always. Stunning she was, she left many guys drooling over her.

She rushed to the market and purchased heaps of stuff, many of which were most certainly of one time use only. Careless, yes she was, but regretting things she did, no, that wasn't just her type. She came back and lied down on the bed thinking about her to-do list. Yes, she made that list once and updated it pretty regularly so that the hassles of life never become too much for her to handle. She almost had a perfect balanced approach towards life.

But there was something that people did not know of her. She used to write a diary entry everyday. Every diary entry was written to God. Yes, every day she wrote to God, she believed madly in Him and His existence. And everyday she wrote the same thing...

Please God, help me, rescue me!

Kriti's brother had died long back, and she wanted to un-jail herself from the memories that imprisoned her. She wanted to move on, perhaps that's why she wandered around presuming it to be her dreamy land. Her parents made sure that she never had the lack of anything.

Kriti was a perfect girl, just that she needed to be rescued, to be freed, to be loved so much that she forgets almost everything.

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  1. Kriti, feel free.. Someone special will come to you, will love you, will free you from all your worries.. Animesh, you are rocking dude.. Superb Post.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

    Someone is Special

  2. Shopping to drown out her sorrows and guilt...

    Nice post

    All the best for the contest


  3. Hope Kriti accepts running away from the fact that her brother is no more! Very well written.

  4. Her character reminds me of the girl from 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' who was girlfriend to the hero for quite sometime, living the world as if it were her dream land.

    I hope there comes a man who loves her the way she wanted to, her rescue.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. SiS: Thank you buddy :), great to hear that from you. Good Luck SiS :)

    CRD: Well, not exactly. It's more like doing whatever you want to rescue yourself. Good luck to you as well.

    Aativas: Thank you friend :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete: Welcome back, delighted to see you here :)
    And Yes, Kriti does resemble Aditi from JTYJN. Hope she finds a Jai :)

  6. I was reminded of Aishwarya Rai's character in Action replay. Thats where I first came across shopping as a depression buster. You have wevaed the scene really well. It all seems so realistic. I actually did encounter a girl in real life exactly similar to the one you have mentioned in your story. But I was clueless how to help her. Hopefully she found someone who did have some clue.

  7. The Fool: Haven't seen Action Replay, so can't comment whether the two are similar or not, but anyways, thanks a lot :)

    Well, there are people who can hide their pains and smile through out. When they are sad and down, providing them solace is indeed the most difficult thing in the world. Don't worry if you couldn't, I am sure you must have tried your best :)

  8. Poor girl! But did she think of sharing her concerns with anyone?

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

  9. Everyone has a secret. Everyone has skeletons that they try to escape from. Few actually succeed. Nice read.
    All the best for BAT.

  10. Don't we all want something like that? To be free from the pains (physical and emotional) of our past...nice post! Good luck with BAT!

  11. Aashish Sood: There are some things that we don't wanna share not realizing the fact that sharing reduces grief. She might have also thought on the same lines.

    D2: True, rightly said. Good luck for BAT.

    Psych Babbler: Yes, what can be better than that, but you would agree that it takes a great deal to live that ways. Good luck for BAt.

  12. everyone resorts to different ways to drown their pain---everyone wants to break free from reality, once in a while..

    wonderfully potrayed character sketch...

    all the best for BAT-23! :)

    you can read my entry here---

    cheers :)

  13. Hi

    Nice concept and interpretation of free....Liked your writing and style... i am no expert but Can I be a critic here? I thought the end para could have been self-explanatory with more force. Not a descriptive line that she needed to be freed and rescued. the post started off great but the end is a teeny weeny bit lesser than the start if you judge the narrative style!!!! Anyways good work and keep it going...

  14. pri: Thank you pri, good luck for BAT 23 :)!

    jaishvats: Thank you for the feedback, as long as they are constructive, they are always welcomed. :)

  15. Her seeking to forget her sorrows through the transient refuge of shopping reminds me of the fact that if u think you are free, escape is impossible.
    Yet, many of us continue to hide the demons in our minds and the skeletons in our closet,hoping for an easy redemption.
    What we need is something that takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.

  16. hope she soon gets freed of that sadness inside.....nice write....

    here is mine
    The search for eternal freedom – A Dragonfly’s curse

  17. Brijender Singh: Just that sometimes we are too scared to act, knowing that pursuing that course of action might do good to us.

    the critics: Thank you, good luck for BAT!

  18. Interesting take on the topic...... being free to run away from something... But as you told she still needs to be rescued, still needs to be free.

  19. Shopping sure can cure the blues... great writing

  20. Nice. You could feel the underlying tension in Kriti. Trying to be strong. Nice one. I will check out Blog-a-ton!

  21. i left a comment here bt i cant seem to find it :((

    liked how u connected the grls obsession wid her grief.
    more dan dat i also appreciated the character sketch of d grl itself. very keen detailin n a lot of accompaniments, so it stands apart as a real person instead of a grl in a story :)

  22. @Vikram: Yes! Just a different take on the topic, thank you :)

    @Poetic Soul: Thanks :)

    @Shilpa: Welcome to penning down the mind, Shilpa! I am glad you liked my post!

    @Sadiya: Some blogger error I am sure!
    As for the post, thank you very much for the appreciation. I am happy if I could portray a real character sketch :)

  23. soulful post :)
    neat expression
    keep smiling always :)
    best wishes

  24. The loss of a son is one reason why the girl is religiously pampered. But can the accumulation of materialistic stuff and free wandering really set free a man's mind? I wonder... A good read.

  25. @Ketan- She is trying her bit.

    @Sowmya- Thank you so much. Best wishes to you too :)

    @Cherry Blossom- Hehe, the name reminds me of something.
    And coming to your comment, such losses are irrepairable, but life does not understand, right? It just moves on, there has to be some way to ease you out.

  26. i thiought the post is moving towards the film 'confessions of a shopoholic' but the ending was surprising...nice.. :)

  27. Hi Megha, haven't seen "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
    I am glad you liked the post.


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