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Part 9: The Present v/s The Future: Which one to choose?

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Shreya was perhaps amongst the few people Sameer could fall back on. She was a college friend and the two always shared a fantastic camaraderie. 

Shreya! Shreya!

Hey Hi Sameer. You look dizzy. Did not sleep?

Yeah, was working all night. Hey listen, I need to talk to you. Are you busy?

Yeah, kind of, but it can wait. Tell me, what happened?

Not here, let's move to somewhere else.

Ok, lets go downstairs.


How far is the place, Isha?

Just few minutes away buddy, and I am not sure if we are gonna find Sameer there. By the way, did you talk to his mom. Does she know of it?

I did. She said Sameer is out for work. Surely Sameer hasn't told anything to Aunty.

They drive down to the place just to witness their efforts to no avail. Sameer wasn't there. 
With every passing second, THE consequential hour of the night was nearing, and failure to find Sameer was coming back time and again to haunt them, the 3 of them, Rahul, Isha and Shreya.

With the hopes of finding Sameer going down the drain, Rahul's phone rang. It was Shreya.

Hey Shreya, what's the update?

Sameer found, Rahul.

What? Where?

At Radisson Cliff. Where are you guys?

Just 20 minutes away from there.

Get to him fast Rahul, just 1 and a half hours away. Rush.

Yes, we are. Did he call you?

No, he mailed me. And I tracked it from the IP Address. He does not have his phone with him. Perhaps, the laptop is with him. He mailed me that he is gonna destroy his laptop soon and will go away from this shit very soon. Please get to him before he moves away from there.

Oh God, don't worry. I'll make it as fast as possible. Catch you soon. You keep working on that thing. I'll take care issues this side.

Rahul accelerates as they disconnect the call.

Where is he?

Radisson Cliff. Shreya said Rahul is gonna destroy his laptop and gonna fly away from this shit.

What? What the hell is this, and what is he doing at such a place, which is meant for lovers, that too at 1 in the night, and he also has his laptop with him. Crazy!

Don't know. 

Within 15 minutes, Rahul and Isha reach Radisson Cliff. Sameer was sitting on the stones

Sameer, Sammeerrr!

Hey, how are the two of you here? What's up guys?

Sameer, you know what has happened dude. We need to talk about it.

What are you talking about Rahul?

Shreya told us Sameer and there is something you deserve to know.

I am off it Rahul. Going away from all this shit. I'll rather be free.

No Sameer, you need to know that you can't get away with this, there are complications because of this matter. Your getting away might just save you, but think about that poor girl Sameer.


Shireen! If you run away, she's gonna get ruined. Rajiv is at his bloody worst Sameer and so is........

And so is....??? So is who, Rahul???


to be continued....

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  1. Now the cards seem to open up a little, I hope conclusion is near.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Finally, read all the parts and quite a story...Post the next part soon...

  3. ok..i still have no clue where this is heading to but d plots gets interesting with each part...waitingggg :)


  4. @Anshul: Yes it is, but might not be as near as you are expecting. Thank you for being a patient reader, Anshul!

    @Saru: I appreciate your patience having gone through all 9 posts at a stretch. Appreciate that :)

    @Sarah: Mystique! I love it so much, makes life all the more interesting :)

  5. i have to say this is not fair..i re read again bcoz i wanted to frm beginning..now i want the complete story..its like reading the novel half way n having dat feel to read the next
    awsm work animesh

  6. heyyy..i actually read from Part 1-9..and I cant wait for Part 10 ;D..make it fast:):)

    Nice read!!!!!!!!:):)

  7. @Nidhi: That's so sweet of you, just love thy praises!

    @TOSM: Thank you so much :) hoping to write it soon!

  8. hmm...likes...just one thing...dont break the story with other writeups...it kills the curiosity raised!

  9. @HijiBijBij: Hey, good to have you back here :)
    And about the other write-ups, well friend, I write whenever and whatever I feel like. I am happy that you are so hooked to the story, hoping that no other idea comes up in my mind before I end this story :)

  10. I guess now you're opening the cards...Nicely written, do post the next part soon...

  11. Wait for them to open up a lil more in next post(s) Saru. By the ways, next part posted :)

  12. Bring in Karan,let the mastermind make it dirtier!!


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