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Part 7: The night not dreamed of

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Soon, he was there at home. Without bothering about what his mother was saying, he rushed straight to his room. He closed the door, switched on the fan and lay down on the bed. He himself did not know what exactly was going to happen. Moreover, he had told Kenny that he would be having a talk with him and Shireen. He did not know what exactly to say to them. 


Are you serious? Is it Karan? What the hell it is, from where has he come? Why can't he just leave Sameer alone?

I don't know why but what I do know is that Karan wants this deal to happen. And when he heard about Sameer being involved, he so much wants to make it happen and indict Sameer in the process.

But how do you know all this Rahul?

That's another story Isha. What we should focus on now is how to contact Sameer and inform him about all this.

No wait, first tell me how do you know all this?

From the very same source who told you to keep an eye on me.

What? Shreya?

Yes, Sameer's colleague, Shreya.

What the hell has been happening around? If she knows about it, then why is she not here, with us, trying to inform Sameer about all this.

She is with us Isha.

How? where?

This is not the time to waste, my little girl. You'll get to know everything. 
Do you know where can Sameer be, he is not at his place, and he isn't answering his phone.
I did go to all places he normally visits, but he is nowhere. I even went to the dhaba in front of iInfo.com building.

Ok, let me think. 
He can be at some lonely place trying to find solace.

Think fast Isha, its already 1, we have lots to do after we find him. Only 2 hours left.

Eureka, I know of a place. C'mon, lets move.


I am telling you the way dear, lets go quickly! The place is a bit far away, on the outskirts of the city. I am sure he would be there.

How are you so sure?

Because one day he took me there, he loves that place. I very well remember how he distinctly talked about that place being so quiet, so soulful. He would surely be there as he needs the right peace of mind in such a scenario.

Rahul and Isha drive to that place as time flies.


Username: sameer.champ
Password: **************

Yes, it worked, thankfully!
Now lets send a mail to Rajiv and shall I send it to Karan?

Shreya paused for a moment. She knew this step of hers could possibly be an unwanted step. But then it was something she needed to act quickly upon. Whether Sameer wanted to do the same or not, were going past her mind. But with Sameer unavailable, she thought of calling Rahul.

She dialled his number.

Hey Rahul.

Hi Shreya, is the work done?

Are you crazy, there is a still a lot of it remaining. I am glad that I could memorize some of the hacking techniques that Sameer once told me and could open his account.

Great, what's the issue now?

I am in a fix. Shall I send the mail we talked about?

That's your call Shreya. I don't know, you better know about the matter.

Ok, I'll act on it. By the way, where are you, did you tell Isha about it?

Yes, Isha is with me.

Ok, fine!

And then, Shreya disconnected the phone.

Damn it, she disconnected the call without saying anything. What's wrong with her?

to be continued.....

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  1. I missed the posting of part 6 and now read d two together.... amazing story!
    how do you manage to unravel the story and still make it more mysterious? Excellent plot! :)

  2. ok.. so what next! this plot is getting interesting part by part! :)

  3. hmmm...i hope noone heard her talking over the phone...!!*bitting nails*

  4. awsmmmm...its really getting intersting

  5. @jojofeelings: Thank you. Your comment makes me feel artistic about myself :)

    @Sunil: Thanks buddy!

    @HijiBijBij: Overheard her? haha, might be.
    P.S: Is there a specific reason for selecting such a pen name? :)

  6. Thank you Nidhi :) it supposedly is, I can feel it by the enthusiasm in your comment :)

  7. animesh: yes...i write anything and everything in my blog...which may be nonsense for others but makes sense for me....soooo...i dedicate my blog to Sukumar Ray, bengali poet, i dont know if you have heard about him...google him. also known as Satyajit ray's father.

    sukumar ray can also be called the Father of the nonsensicals. if you can read bengali that is....u will find similarity between alice in wonderland and sukumar ray's nonsense lyrics and stories.

    to know the meaning of HIJIBIJBIJ and know more... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HaJaBaRaLa


  8. Read the link, haha, never knew things of this sort also exist, really interesting!

    They make you laugh and you start feeling so lighter about life, amazing indeed!

    And also now I know what HijiBijBij means :)
    Thank you for sharing :)

  9. great!! seems i did a good thing today...enlightening someone!! :p :)

  10. omg..omg! i read all the 7 parts on one go..now this should prove my curiosity already..doesnt it? :P
    great going..following u for more...


  11. Hi Sarah, a very warm welcome to penningdownthemind :)

    I must say you are here just at the right time. I was thinking the other day to write the next parts to the story. Hope you find them interesting as well :)

  12. interesting Animesh.. On to next :-)

    Someone is Special


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