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give life time...!!!!

I have seen destiny do the trick for those who did not deserve. I have seen wonders happening to people who never really required that. I have seen it raining on a dry field and I have seen droughts when it needed some moisture.
I prayed when it asked me to work, and I screamed when it required me to keep my cool. I ran when it asked me to walk and I swayed away when it required me to be the cog of the wheel.

Yes, quite often we do things that are just the opposite of what is required and believe it or not, most of the times, we get away with it.
Imagine, your lab file was unchecked and on the final day of submission, you signed it yourself and yet got away with it.
Imagine, your car bumped into a cycle rider, and got away without any major monetary shed.
Imagine, you got late for an important test by more than an hour and yet nothing went wrong, and once again you got away.

These are the small things that we all might have experienced at some point of time or the other. I myself have experienced all of them. The reason that I have re-iterated these instances is to form ground for the fact that there are things in life we do wrongly and yet get away. These small things are the ones which can ruin our day to say the least if somehow, this getting away would not have happened.

To sit back and mourn on things that did not went the favorable way is easy, perhaps more than half of the world is busy doing that. The road less taken lies somewhere else. When you encounter something obnoxious, just ask yourself one simple question

When was the last time I faced such a situation ?
if you can memorize an instant after which nothing good has happened till now, then I feel that you do not value your life. Perhaps, you do not have the time to sit back, relax, review and thank god for what you have been blessed with. 

Just how days and nights are inter-twined, the same way sorrows and joys also are !!!
give life time...!!!!


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