A world waiting to be explored

Memories down the lane.......

As he signed the document, he had a sigh of relief. Finally, the task was accomplished. The company he was trying to strike a deal with, finally signed a multi-million dollar deal with his company.
Kanuj got back from his chair and sunk into the couch at the window-side, inside his cabin. He was finally relaxed after an year of exhaustive analysis, research and hard work. He had some sort of mental peace finally.
He closed his eyes, as he was often used to doing. He started to think of what all went into this deal when suddenly his nap was broken by a laughter, which could be heard from the cafeteria nearby. There was a group of college students talking, laughing and giggling together.
He observed them for a while and could see his college buddies in them.

They fought over that one last piece of pizza left on the table. They fought for who'll pay the bills. They were laughing out on someone. They were making fun. One of the girls out there stood up and went after the other guy to hit him. Some of them was busy eating. While some of them went to order for more dishes. The rest left on the table were talking about planning a trip to somewhere, who would convince whose parents, what to tell the parents. They had all the topics in the world, right from discussing about the latest movie release to the latest message that they received. Right from what was displayed on the daily soap last night to who is going out with whom.

"I am feeling cold !!"  "I am feeling cold !!"  "I am feeling cold !!"

The showpiece in Kanuj's hand started to ring and repeatedly uttering this. It was basically a gift that was gifted to him on his last birthday during college days. And whenever a drop of water fell on its sensors, it used to put out an alarm which used to say that.

Kanuj wiped off his tears, and on introspection, he realized, now he did not got up on a Friday expecting a movie release, he was not in a "vicious" circle of messaging everyone, he hasn't heard of a link up for a long long time, he did not know what was being displayed on the T.V.

He knew something. His heart uttered in sheer silence...

Years pass, we let days go by,
sitting in an office cabin, our hearts may cry,
we had a choice, we chose listening to the brain,
today we have made a living, but only have memories down the lane.........


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