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Clouds Always Have A Silver Lining !!

Looking up into the sky, a tear rolled down my cheeks, and went past a streak of lightning through the clouds. I wanted to seclude myself, my dream was broken to pieces, so was my heart.
I was looking at the dark clouds that alluded possibility of a heavy shower. As it often happens, I started to observe the moving of the clouds and forgot what presumptuously had preoccupied my mind that day.

Whatever happened in the due course of the day isn't consequential but something surely was.
Yes, the sufferings were there, but a lesson was learnt,
Yes, a heart-break happened, but ashes of agony were burnt,
Yes, a dream went unfulfilled, but the heart strongly bore the brunt,
Yes, the getting up was difficult, but this child grew up, stood willing and not blunt.

That day those clouds made me realize the all important axiom regarding life. The clouds are always going to hover over us, its just the silver linings that we need to focus on..!!!!
And yes....

Clouds Always Have A Silver Lining !!


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