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Why? What? And When ?

Ever thought what rules our life ? Why do we take a certain course of action ? When was the last time we felt satisfied ?

In fact, at all times, our lives linger around finding answers to what ? why ? and when ?
A child usually thinks WHEN will he grow up ? A teenager usually thinks WHY he has to answer all that his parents ask him ? A middle aged person often wonders WHAT else needs to be done for a better living ?

Through out our lives, there is a persistent call inside us that prompts us to question. Ever wondered why do we have so many unsolved things all around us. When we so often ask questions, then why doesn't queries around us not get solved. 
I feel two reasons are there. Firstly, we do not let our questioning self to flow profoundly, and sadly this being the most insidious of human tragedies. Secondly, our questions aren't directed. Most of the times we question about trifling matters, but when it comes to question the traditionally followed things, we loose track. 

A teenager will always question him/her being intrigued on personal matters by parents but will never spare a thought as to WHEN was the last time he understood his parents' concern rightly ?
A middle aged office going person will always question his low salary but will never oblige his mind to thinking WHY do police officers at the traffic signal is bribed ?
A senior citizen will question the governments' way of working but will never prompt his mind to think WHAT difference it will make if he goes to vote ?

If we can focus our questions rightly and tap the unharnessed market of our brain, a great era is in the making.
And easier said than done but,

Life will never be the same once you choose to live it in a different way, try to think differently, keep tackling things as they come along and lastly enjoy it along because.........

The things granted once are some what important...!!!!!


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
    d way u write has evn more improvd :)

  2. thank you....thank you......u encourage me :) evry time you comment.....


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