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*This post is not about me*
*Its entirely fictitious*
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There was something so peculiar about it that I could not get my eyes off it once I chose to look at it for a very small while. It had something captivating, or so I felt. I remember now, it was a gift, an old gift, a cherishable one, a beautiful one. It had a story tagged to it; I so much remember everything now. It was gifted by a college friend. And today when I’m looking at it, all the memories come back flooding. I feel so overwhelmed by the moment. But at the same time, I feel trapped, trapped because I am getting deluged into a marshy land of emotions and feelings; I seem to have fallen deep down the memory lane.
The picture in the photo frame caught me in its trap. It reminded me of all the beautiful memories of my life, my college life. It was after college ended that I realized what I had lost. I so much want to attend lectures today, but I CAN’T!!
I can feel the sadness that is creeping in slowly, and how amazing it is that one picture can take you back to a different world, a world when there weren’t many tensions in life, where enjoyment meant enjoyment, where a mass bunk would bring tremendous joy, where exam preparations were more fun than the exams. Just a random click on a very normal day would later bring tears in eyes and a smile on my face, I had never thought!
I now remember the day the picture in the photo frame was clicked, it was a random click. The occasion was birthday of a very dear friend of mine, and while all of us were busy applying cake on the face of the birthday boy, this click was clicked.
Today when I look at this photo, I feel guilty, feel guilty of not being in touch with them, with my college mates who made me realize life is beautiful and we are stronger than we seem and better than we think. I feel guilty of not going that extra mile to make an effort to stay in touch. I just let it be, I let situations and circumstances take control of me. I feel guilty for succumbing to the proceedings of life. I feel guilty of following the school of thought that says, “Everyone gets busy in the routine life and friends are merely chapters in the book called Life”.
But the photo frame and the picture has re-iterated the fact that if you want something to stay with you forever, you need to take the first step, the second and so on, while the number of steps taken by you depends on how badly you want to be glued to those things/people.
I feel light-hearted now having penned down everything I felt straight from the heart. Hoping that life would give me a breather for some time, I set out my journey to find those good old moments which can only be procured from the good old treasure I found years back, FRIENDS!

P.S: This post was written by me for The Viewspaper. You can also find this post here.


  1. such a lovely post...so true that our gifts flood our mind with our memories..n m also gonna surely miss d collg a lot

  2. I hope that some years later when we see the gifts, we aren't guilty of not keeping in touch with our close ones..
    Leaving college is hard enough :(

  3. Actually, it felt more like a guy who is missing his college days badly. Could be me, could be anyone else too.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Just got over with my engineering..more than my engineering, I loved my stay there..... Knowing that the void that has got created won't ever get filled completely, I have started preparing myself to set out for an all new journey...will keep all my treasures with me :)

  5. lovely post..I have just came out from my college life and ur post reminds me precious moments of my life :(

    Thanks for dropping by my side :)

  6. Then I should say, we are in the same boat. Marching past are the best days of my life.

    Glad to see you here :)

  7. surely you'll go that extra mile...to keep in touch
    a very nice post :)

  8. a lovely post dude... right from your heart.. Loved it.

    Someone is Special

  9. Shivam: Yes, hopefully, thank you :)

    Sis: Thanks a lot dude, glad you stopped by :)

  10. I have to say that I didn't much like the post. I mean yes, the story was nice, but the way you structured things... i had hard time to actually feel what you felt. It was most like if you were reciting a script or something. Also, you kept jumping from the present tense to the past tense, and that also breaks the flow of the reading. I think since you were talking about a memory, you should have just gone all the way in the past tense. And it would actually be nicer if you didn't tell but rather showed how much you missed those days, and your friends.Also you use a lot of the same vocabulary when describing something (i.e "click"). It becomes redundant when they appear in the same sentence or paragraph. Try to use synonyms, that will brighten up your writing!

    I hope you won't judge my comment harshly. I am just trying to help by providing you with my input. We all need some criticism from now and then. But I liked the idea of the story in general. Good luck on the rest of your writing!

  11. Well, I agree with a few points that you made. As for the to and fro between the past and the present, I did not feel it broke the flow, point of view varies and I acknowledge that.
    And for you being harsh, I don't really mind suggestions as long as they are constructive.
    Thank you :)

  12. Lovely post right from the heart...and as they say no one is that busy its all about priority, if we want to and wish then everything is possible!

    Take Care.

    P.S: Nice blog...do visit mine too :)

  13. Aptly said, its about how you decide to prioritize things, and how you do not let your ego come in between any relationship.

    Thanks for dropping by :)


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