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Some lesser known facts about me..

After going through a few blogs, and coming across a few writers, I observed that these kind of posts are a sort of  must-have. And they make up for interesting reads as well. More important is the fact that you have to self introspect yourself when you decide to write one as such. Though, this is an inspiration-driven post but not a replica of the ones I have driven inspiration from.

So, here is a list, it might include anything random from my introspection about myself to some aspirations of mine.

1. Since, I have grown up in a nation where cricket is a religion and cricketers are worshipped, it is a no-brainer that I also wanted to be a cricketer. 

2. When I was around 9, I along with my 3 kins, used to play a game which I so dearly remember. I don't remember its origin, but it was some fighting related game. We played it with zeal and enthusiasm. We thought of converting it into a T.V show, my character was named Sahil. I miss that time, and I love the game. Yes, I still do.

3. During  my school days, I, once showed my English answer sheet to my parents. I had written an essay. My dad read it and said to my mom, "He writes well." I guess I was 10 years old then. Just want to say, Love you Papa, I still remember those lines, and if I pursue writing so lovingly, it has all been because you gave me the start I required.

4. When in school, I once scored a 3 out of 60 in maths. Damn, I was scared of telling it to my parents.! 
Important thing: They still don't know about it. 

5. 21 years old now, I still play imaginary games at home, and I love them.

6. I, along with 2 college friends of mine, thought of making a movie about ourselves. We thought of the story,  thought of the plot, but could not pursue it further. I regret leaving it mid way. I was in awe of the story and the ideas, I am still awed!!

7. I wish to visit my teachers, my mentors who taught me for engineering entrance examinations, because of whose efforts, I am where I am. I haven't met them for long now. Sir, I miss both of you, and I miss those classes, those doubt sessions, those tests, I miss the time spent at Aryan Classes. Your words still echo in my mind and in my ears. I'll visit you soon, I am just waiting for the moment when I would be able to stand in front of you and see the pride in your eyes and in mine too.

8. During my school days, I once stole my friend's maths notebook, just to make paper planes and other uniquely creative things out of its' pages. I also once stole a chocolate from his bag. C'mon, it was all out of innocence.

9. Hoping that I am someday able to make this come true, I wish to write a book.

10. I'll make YOU proud one day.


  1. it is actuallyyyyy a very sweet post :)....:)

  2. Sweet??
    Thank you Nidhi :) , that was a dear compliment

  3. Hi Animesh, You sure do write well. All the best for your book. :)

  4. Thank you Vibha, I really hope to write one someday :)

  5. likhta rah buss... :)

  6. @Rahul: Thankyou!
    @Seema: Haan yaar, koshish karunga :)

  7. Chalao na blogon se baan re, jaan lelo re jaan le!!


    Fyi, I am already very PROUD of you!! :-)


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