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Part 13: Prelude to the unprecedented

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Rahul and Isha exchanged glances, curious to know what made Sameer hostile to a friend he trusted a lot.
Sameer realizing that turned back to them.

I know you both must be wondering how come Shreya be involved in all this. I also learnt about it in the afternoon only. When I went to office today, I asked Shreya to come with me and I was all determined to tell her about the whole issue but when I told her that I had hacked Rajiv's profile, her immediate reaction was what shocked me and the rest was easy to decipher! Claiming instantly "what mails did you read", was sufficient enough for me to know that she is conscious of the mails hurling across, even without me mentioning the same!

Rahul and Isha were left startled as Sameer asked them both to accompany him as they set out towards Shreya's place to find out the real time happenings and for having a clearer view of everything.

Hi Shreya, Rahul here. We are coming to your place, Sameer is with us.

What? Now?

Yes, Shreya, you know it's important, we need his signature, right?

Yeah, but I have used his digital signature, I hacked his password. And I did sent the mail to Rajiv and Karan. He is out of danger now.

I wish I was, Shreya, open the bloody door!


Yes, open the door now, we need to clarify a certain things.

Shreya opens the door as the 3 of them enter.

Sameer, are you ok?

Shreya, why did you do it to me?


You were a friend to me, perhaps the only friend whom I trusted in office. I never thought you and Rajiv would be the ones trying to knock me off. Why Shreya, why?

Sameer, please sit, I think you need some rest, you are tired.

Shuttttt uuuuuppppppppppppp!!!!! You thought I would never get to know of it!!!! Who do you think I am, a fool, an emotional idiot who would keep himself slaved to all the ill you do to him. What the helllll did I do wrong to you?????

Rahul and Isha try to placate by separating the two as Sameer's pitch increased!

Shreya sat down crying as Sameer infuriated further. It was an awkward situation where the three of them were waiting for Shreya to reveal the reason. That 5-minute silence was perhaps the kind, one would never want to witness. One could sense the anxiety in the air till the time the unwanted silence was broken as Shreya moved towards her laptop.

Impatient and infuriated, Sameer turned away from Shreya, in disgust thumping his feet on the floor. Shreya continued working on the laptop as Rahul and Isha watched on. As Sameer's patience ran out of fuel, he moved to see what was Shreya up to and his heart skipped a beat when he saw the screen.

Hi Shreya,

I did not had the courage to tell you this when you asked me if there is anything serious or not. May be because for the first time in my professional career my heart was prevailing over my mind. I forgot that I am a doctor first and a friend later. I know I should have told you this much earlier, but even that would not have made much difference. But today after you left, I thought over it and realized that you deserve to know about it. Shreya, there isn't much time left. I feel half-dead when I say this but you need to know that these 4 months are the final days...........................

Dr. Rajat Vivek

A tear trickled down Sameer's eyes as Shreya broke the silence.

Sameer, I am not against you, I can never be. Do as I say Sameer even if it appears insane to you, trust me, there is some good in it. A dying person would never lie.

to be continued.....

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  1. Dying person?
    Wow! That's another twist.
    Waiting for the story to continue.

  2. Twist...Great chapter...waiting for the next...

  3. Another twist, OMG. I mean, Darn :P

    Waiting for the conclusion, it's hard to contain.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. okay!! so now we have someone dying....is she playing with him emotionally??

  5. @Anshul: Things are better told than kept in dark keeping us guessing, but then that is why we call them "mysteries" :)

    @HijiBijBij: might not, a dying person never lies ;)

  6. wats happening...such a change..there r so many mysteries..again not fair :(..now i want the next part soon, not even soon but immediate :)

  7. Hey nidhi, thanks a lot, and wrote the next part :)

  8. Interesting blog. I like your idea of writing a story in a serial form and it works well too.

  9. @Subroto: Happy to see that word "interesting" in your comment :) and Yeah telling a story, that too a mysterious one, in parts has its own charm :)


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