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Part 12: Sameer sets the ball rolling

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He was done with what he intended to do except for one thing.

Task1: Meeting Kenny and Shireen and telling them about it.
Task 2: Dropping a mail to Rajiv informing the same.
Task 3: Informing Shreya
 and asking for her guidance for the further proceedings.
Task 4: Final nail in the coffin!

Life had become harsh for him for some unknown reason. The tale of betrayals had become too much for him to feel hurt now. he moved out of the office building well before much people could notice. He now knew that he is officially out of the project by virtue of his hacking skills!

Knowing what Kenny and Shireen might have to face, Sameer set himself out not telling them anything about it, who knows they may be the ones keeping an eye on Sameer.

Sameer found it hard to control his tears no matter how hard Isha tried. Those tears were clogged inside for God-knows how long. Meanwhile, Rahul continued exploring the laptop. 
Can I have the internet data card Sameer?

What happened Rahul, what are you doing?

Just sending a mail to Shreya about what to do next.

What? Are you crazy? Don't you dare tell her anything, it is because of her that I am in so much trouble.

Rahul and Isha exclaimed in unison, being dumbstruck by what Sameer said.

Yes guys, you have heard it right. I don't know if Karan is also involved or not, but surely Shreya is the person who has screwed me behind the mask of friendship. I don't know why she did it, nor am I ever gonna ask her.

What happened Sameer? She has been really helping her all this while.

Rahul, you know what, if she has been helping you then it just means that she has made sure that matters become worse for me. She is doing all that just to know about my where-abouts. Perhaps, that is why, she has asked both of you to find me out.

Damn it! Sameer you need to know a very important thing man. She knows your mail-id and password by virtue of the hacking skills you told her.

What the hell? That means I am not yet out of the deal. I am sure she is gonna use by digital signature. Damn it, I'll be screwed badly! Wait, what all did Shreya tell you. I am sure her version of the story would be much more distraught, much more skewed?

Rahul and Isha brief Sameer about what they have been told by Shreya and Sameer soon figures out what he suspected. Shreya did actually tell the exact opposite of what was the truth indeed!

Damn! That is what I feared, she told you guys and framed according to what she wants. And wait, did she not mention Kenny anywhere in all this?

No, she didn't!

There you are, these guys are all working for Karan. Rajiv, Kenny and Shreya. These were the eyes that e-mail talked about.

What's the truth, Sameer?

Nothing guys, I see it all clear now. Karan thinks I don't know about Shreya being with them and would do as Shreya wants me. It's perhaps my turn to call the lights now.
Give me the laptop before she could put it to any misuse. She perhaps does not know that when it comes to hacking, she just isn't there!

to be continued..

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  1. Getting interesting and I am falling in love with your style of writing...

  2. Now, I feel much better :D


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @Saru: Thank you, my pleasure ma'am!

    @Anshul: :)

  4. I am planning to hack you man.. I meant your brain so I can learn the climax faster than others..

    Someone is Special

  5. It builds and builds and builds..............
    Love to see where it's going.

  6. @SiS: Hehe, that means I have build up the suspense pretty well ;)

    @Janhvi: Wait a lil while :)

  7. ohhh...this seems to get more and more entangled..quite a plot!
    poor guy, the protagonist i must say!
    and u have got great talent...keep it up :)


  8. @Sarah: Can't deny the fact-Poor protagonist, thank you for keeping up..

  9. OMG, this story is being liked a lot, I am happy :)

  10. I wonder why would shreya send rahul and isha to sameer, when there is a sure shot chance of her getting caught...
    Well seems like shreya is gonna face some serious heat now from the hacker..


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