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Part 11: Final nail in the coffin, nailed!

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Sameer is stopped by those harsh words and a strong grip of the hand. Sameer retaliates and pushes Rahul away.

Go to hell man! 

Sameer lashes out at Rahul and walks down a few steps before sitting on the stones, as Rahul and Isha look on. Rahul and Isha move towards their mentally arrested friend.

Sameer, are you ok?

Yes Isha, I am fine.

Dude, listen, we both are with you. You need not worry.

Sameer tries to hide his face as tears become too hot to handle. Isha tries to pacify him as Rahul opens the laptop to see the clock ticking towards 3 am, with only 1 hour more to go.!


Sameer stays back as Shreya goes on to her cabin. After having a smoke and thinking about his further course of action, he also moves in.

He moved to his table and took out the same piece of paper to cross out the tasks performed.

Task1: Meeting Kenny and Shireen and telling them about it. 

Task 2: Dropping a mail to Rajiv informing the same.

Task 3: Informing Shreya and asking for her guidance for the further proceedings.

Task 4: Final nail in the coffin!

Sameer looked at the paper. By then, he knew Rajiv would have received the mail that he sent minutes ago. It was time for his next course of action and probably the last. It was then that Sameer received a mail.

Hi Sameer,

The final draft is almost done, we needed to ask if anything else required to be done. The final timeline has been pre-poned to 3 am tonight which has been told to us as a strict deadline by Rajiv. He has asked us to sign it and give our affirmation that this is the best possible solution to the case in point! Me and Kenny wanted to just have a little discussion about the same. Can we please meet in the meeting room?


It appeared as if running from it won't help as the same thing was following Sameer on its own. But why did Rajiv not reply to his mail in which he even mentioned about resigning from the job but did reply to Shireen's mail. Perhaps, in the past 24 hours, Sameer was over thinking every thing, or may be, there was a reason to it all.

Kenny, Shireen and Sameer assemble in the meeting room, for what was according to them the last time together!

Yup, tell me guys!

Sameer, we are having a few issues with the final report, but what is perturbing us is the fact that you have suddenly decided to leave this and then there is a mail from Rajiv stating that we need to finalize this deal by 3 am. We perhaps don't know how to react to this?

See Shireen, I don't really know why has Rajiv preponed it, but what I do know is that I am not a part of it. I would say this to be more of a coincidence rather than a bad omen. So, don't worry guys, go ahead with this!
And I have to rush guys, catch  you both later!

Sameer goes to his desk to see a mail. Mails were all he was fiddling with for the past 24 hours.

Dear Sameer, 

I find this absolutely ridiculous to see you pulling out of this project at the end moment. I would suggest you to go ahead with this, and support Kenny and Shireen. Feel free to talk to me, but as of now, you are on this project.


Sameer's all plans were playing down on him, as he hacked into Rajiv's profile yet again, this time in the office hours itself. He knew Rajiv won't accept his backing out of the deal, so he opened Rajiv's mailbox and sent a mail to himself accepting the same. Sameer was on his way now. He did delete the sent mails.

to be continued...

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  1. ah..quite a plot dude! post the next one sooner now! :)


  2. Did it Sarah, the link to the next post is there in this post itself!

  3. OMG.. Hoping 12th to be the final one.. Can't wait buddy..

    Someone is Special

  4. Haha, loved the way you started the comment :)

  5. Rajiv's clever. Lets see who uses his wits to get ahead..Off to next part ...


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