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Part 10: The swings of time and parallels with destiny

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Did you say Karan?

Yes Sameer, you have heard it right, Karan it is. Things are mightily ugly Sameer, you know only half the story.

What's wrong Sameer, tell me.

Shreya, you know what, I never thought my commitment, my dedication would be put to such misuse. I feel like stabbed.

What? Are you mad, what makes you talk like this?

The night.


Let me tell you the entire thing. Yesterday, it got a bit too late while working. I was tired and decided to take a break from work. As usual my mind diverted, as always, towards hacking. Unintentionally, I hacked Rajiv's profile and....

And then what Sameer? What mails did u read?

Nothing much, just that there is a project coming up very soon. It is a project that I have been waiting for, but Rajiv is gonna give that project to someone else, because he feels that I get way too engrossed in my work, and the project needs open-minded thinking.

That's really unfair, shall I talk to him and tell him that you are the best guy to do this project?

No, chuck it for now, let him make the announcement, I will myself talk to him after that.

Hmm, ok, if you say so. Let's go now otherwise Rajiv is again gonna say stuff in his fake UK accent.

Both of them laugh as Sameer says,"Ok then, you proceed to work, I got a call to make, catch you soon dear."

Guys, I know Shireen and Kenny would have to face it, the responsibility of ruining lives by going along with this project, but then I can't destruct myself knowingly!
That night when I read those mails, I had almost lost myself. I don't know what the two of you and the rest of my colleagues would think of me, but I am not the person you knew, not the person you befriended!

Sameer, it's not that ways, you can't run away man! We need you, Shireen needs you!

Listen, the two of you. If you are so willing to help Shireen and whosoever involved in this, take my laptop, it has all the necessary details, go on and help them out. But just get the hell out of here, either, let me go.

Sameer pushes them as Rahul gets hold off his hand and pulls him.

Listen mate, this is not how things gonna work out!

to be continued....


  1. I am the lucky one to read it first.:) Animesh, you write really well, think of writing a mystery novel...

  2. ...suspense..waiting for it to be revealed..you noe wat...you're good:):)

  3. ouch! this is intent...loving it ....

  4. ahhh....i wannna read more...wats next...next time you put atleast 2 parts together as i love to read them :)

  5. @Saru: Thank you Saru, the pleasure is all mine ma'am. By the ways, I do wish to write a novel, may not be a mysterious one though.

    @TOSM: Thanks a lot friend, that comment came as a pleasant surprise.

    @HijiBijBij: So am I :)

    @Nidhi: Aww, you are always so nice :)

  6. Now I am getting impatient. Maybe I'll want to read the whole thing in one go when it is all done.
    You make me wait for like, ages.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. @Anshul: Patience mate, I'll soon post the rest :)

  8. Ah... I can't wait buddy.. Hoping 12th to be the final one..

    Someone is Special

  9. SiS, 12th is not the last part as you must also have figured out.


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