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Part 14: The most important call

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Tears trickled down Sameer's eyes as he turned away from the laptop screen. If the earlier days and nights were not enough, then this was something. Things seemed much more murkier than what he thought initially while Rahul was trying to digest everything that he had just witnessed, Isha seemed to be in trance for the past 4 hours. But wait, it was 2.40 am already with only 20 minutes to go.

Perhaps, silence ruled that night as each of them found it extremely hard to say anything. Sensing the uneasiness, Shreya yet again broke the silence pointing to the laptop notifying everyone about the time left to 3.

But what would happen if I don't sign it before 3. I mean why is there a time bound?

Nothing will happen to you Sameer.


Yes Sameer, you were never at any sort of risk. You were always safe.

Sameer looked on in distrust as the night continued to baffle him with all the possible feelings of betrayal, hatred, love, friendship, care, dishonesty and what not. Rahul and Isha were equally perplexed. For them, it was a night when every single word uttered was seemingly indicating of happenings from a different world altogether.

Then why all this chaos? Those mails, this pressure of signing?

It's because of Shireen, Sameer. She is the one who would be at the receiving end of it all. You, Kenny and Shireen did this project, and by crook, you three would be made to sign the project which would give the land on which our company is, to Karan. Karan, in turn would obviously fire everyone and avail his own advantage. The blame of all this would fall on the three of you.
The catch here is that Kenny being a close friend of Karan would escape. And midway, Karan and Rajiv knew that you know all the happenings as you have hacked Rajiv's profile, so they made sure that whatever happens, Shireen would be targeted.
C'mon Sameer, just 5 minutes left. Send in the final project details with your signature. Shireen might have already sent it. If you don't it would be fairly easy for Rajiv and Karan to mess away with Shireen.

Sameer hurries as the clock ticks on. 

Done!! Now tell me Shreya, does my signing it, not leave me in the center of all the mess along with Shireen.

Don't worry Sameer. Rajiv and Karan don't know yet that I am with you. They'll bank on whatever I tell them. Wait, I have the most important phone call in my life to make.


Hi Rajiv.

Hey Shreya, what's wrong with this idiot. He has signed and sent in his confirmation of the final project report. Did you not tell him that he is not required?

Did he actually send it? Is he mad, I thought almost convinced him.

Yeah, that fool has now made matters a lil difficult for Karan. Sameer is a much bigger fool than I thought him to be.

Well, what would happen now?

I don't know. Perhaps, Karan would get onto my head now. He told me that Sameer shall not be into it.

What? Then why did you involve him at all?

Because I wanted him to be in a mess. It was beacuse of him that I have not been getting my expected bonuses. Any client who comes wants to talk to Sameer. I was mocked at a few meetings. All beacuse of that bastard who did not care to defend me and instead go with the right prospective solution. I was defamed because of him, time and again. All I care now, is to ruin that guy's life.

Well, I don't really know what to say Rajiv.

Yeah, by virtue of what he has done, now I would be dragged into unnecessary cloud of dirt and mess, Karan would create now. Shireen might just be able to escape in case......

In case? In case what, Rajiv?

Nothing. let me think of something, talk to you later.

to be continued...

The last chapter- Part 15: That one night hacked several lives..!!


  1. I thought there was going to be a closure. But I guess you like Indian soaps?
    Nevertheless, I'll watch this space until things look interesting.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. @Anshul: Patience is a good virtue to possess. At penning down the mind, I write what I feel and the way I feel. Nobody here tells me when to close a chapter and when not to. Anyways, glad that you have been regular giving your time, thank you :)

  3. *sigh*....i have a feeling the main villain is someone else....will wait and read!

  4. Animeshji, I think I have to bookmark your posts and I will read it all the parts in one go. It will be like reading a thriller...Nice post!

  5. @HijiBijBij: OMG, Kaise pata laga??? hehe, watch out friend :)

    @Saru: Another very dear compliment. I guess when after 2 months I open my blog and read this series, I would feel really delighted, if not by anything else, then surely by the comments received :)

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  7. Penning down the mind is all about providing happiness :)
    Glad to see you delighted :)


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